“Grand Transition, Innovation, and New Energy Realities”

Centro de Energía y Recursos Naturales (CERN)
Conferences and Seminars

Dr. Christoph Frei, Secretary General and CEO of the World Energy Council will present a wide-ranging talk on the energy transition covering critical issues from a global, regional and Mexican perspective. He will highlight some insights delivered by the Council through its tools, research and engagement on innovation, scenarios for the global and regional energy landscape to 2050, policy challenges and new business models to balance access, cost, and environmental sustainability, and our start-up and innovation agenda. He will also invite bright and committed applicants interested in further the World Energy Council’s mission of sustainable supply and use of energy for the benefit of all to consider applying to join the Council at its London Secretariat on the new Conacyt – SENER Trilemma 12 month traineeship programme and offer some anecdotes of what they will learn and contribute.